Ludlow College

2023 Lauren Allen

2022 Eleanor Ladd

2021 Tazmin Roberts

2020 Angharad [Had] Davies

2020 Martha Grubb

2019 Katie Jones

2019 Lee Jones (Amanda Brisbane Memorial Prize)

2019 Alice Riley (Mary Hayter Memorial Award)

2018 Sally-Ann Lancaster (Mary Hayter Memorial Award)
2018 Gemma Moore

2018 Joel Stone (The Amanda Brisbane Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement)

2017 Phillip Evans

2016 Emily Newcombe, Katie Thomas

2015 Alex Clewlow, Dan Clewlow, Joseph Theodoulou

2014 Amy Wall

2013 Amy Dyson

2012 Emily Godding

2011 Hannah Dean [Psychology], Rebecca Warr [Animation]

2010 Sam Martin [Performing Arts]

2009 Adam Aspbury [Physiotherapy], Holly Davies [Law]

2008 Amy Bywater [Sports Education]

2007 Nicholas Collis [Physics and Astronomy]

2006 Dominic Caton [Sports Medicine]

2005 Joel Stone [Graphic Design]

2004 Richard Horton [Architecture]

2003 Lee Jones [Music]

2002 Lukas Pytel [Business Education & Teaching]

2001 Amy Burns [Performing Arts]

The Community College, Bishop’s Castle

2011 Rosie Gregory [Maths], Jack Rowe [Archaeology]

2010 Jessica Haddigan [Primary Education]

2009 Graham Clarke [Medicine]

2008 Samantha Gregory [Psychology]

2007 Megan Pritchard [Performing Arts]

2006 Megan Robinson

2005 Lucy Cutler [English & Philosophy]

2004 Christopher Evans [Environmental Studies]

2002 Laura Jane Morris [Business Studies]

CKA Mary Hayter Memorial Award

2023  Amelia Crane

I have always had a passion for art and I want to develop this further by pursuing a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Hereford College of Arts University (HCA). …I will learn more about practitioners’ Techniques, processes and media to forge my own creative pathway in the art world. Without The Kickstart, rural isolation would have made realising my dream impossible, since I could not afford the transport costs from my home in Wigmore to Hereford. [Ian Barge, Editor of the The Ludlovian, added: ‘We hope Gemma’s work will give Ludlovians a fuller understanding of the wonderful spirit driving the Kickstart bursary.]

© Alice Riley

Alice Riley is our 2019 recipient of The Mary Hayter Memorial Award.

As part of her CKA application, Alice submitted and played flute to her own composition.

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